ACAI brings AI to your industrial AC. ACAI is a software application that balances the need to maintain a cool temperature while minimizing electricity usage by continuously learning how weather, high traffic times, and other events affect the temperature of each data center site. Using these site-specific understanding, the AI recommends optimal AC settings. With AC representing about 25% of the electricity cost for an average data center, the software’s more efficient AC settings can result in large electricity cost reductions over time.

ACAI also has a user-friendly dashboard to display past and present AC settings and an electricity cost savings estimator that can generate reports.


Blackhole is our proprietary data collection tool. Data collection is the heart of any AI and Blackhole is the best tool in the industry. Blackhole connects to equipment from top manufacturers such as Stultz, Liebert, Data Aire, Airedale and any other CRAC manufacturer with network-enabled equipment. The data collected from this equipment is what powers the AI in ACAI to learn your system.

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