AI For Your AC
Intelligent Understanding When It Matters Most
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The wise vision
1% of all U.S. energy is used to cool data centers. Let's lower that number.


Wise Critical’s Air Conditioning AI (ACAI) software application optimizes AC for industries with large scale cooling such as:

  • Data Centers
  • Industrial Refrigeration
  • Ice Rinks
  • And more

Artificial Intelligence

Infrastructure generates billions of data points each year, but often this data doesn’t translate into improvements for the business. Wise Critical’s BlackHole Data Collection Tool pulls data from onsite equipment and organizes the data for analysis. Our AI Control Platform generates millions of simulations to understand how signals from the data correlate to AC settings and electricity usage. The AI recommends the optimal AC setting to minimize electricity usage while maintaining the required temperature.

Always Watching the Thermostat

Every 5 minutes, the Air Conditioning AI (ACAI) software gathers the most up-to-date data on the site and runs new simulations to find the optimal AC settings. This constant attention to the AC system, 24/7/365, allows for large reductions in electricity usage. The software does this by learning how weather and other factors can be used to cool the data center rather than running the AC system.

Think Green

In the past, being Green was often a sacrifice for many companies. Now, Green solutions are the most economical. Using Wise Critical’s Machine Learning platform, your company can reduce your carbon footprint while saving money!

Optimize your infrastructure

Let Wise Critical watch your thermostat for you.
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